The Wand© Computer Controlled Anesthesia System

STA – Single Tooth Anesthesia

The Wand© - STA Anesthesia System applies anesthesia to a single tooth - Asheville Dentist Dr Knollman

Finally dental injections can be painless, as dentists use the Wand to deliver anesthesia without pain. It’s so gentle it’s even ideal for use on children.

Dental Anesthesia in the Computer Age

A computer helps guide the dentist to the exact spot where you need anesthesia. The Wand© works more quickly than the conventional method so that you will spend less waiting time in the chair. For some uses, in fact, it works almost instantly.

The Right Amount in the Right Place

When anesthesia is delivered too quickly it can pool up in your gums, causing discomfort even after the dental work is done and the anesthesia has worn off. The Wand© solves that by delivering the right amount at the optimal rate. It gets the anesthesia to the spot where it’s needed, without numbing a large part of your mouth. So if you’re having just one tooth worked on, The Wand© can even numb just that one tooth.

Takes the Pain Out of your Dentist Visit

The digital precision of The Wand© even allows us to work on several parts of your mouth during one visit if needed. Which could mean fewer visits back here for you. Once you leave this office, you can get on with your life right away. You won’t have the usual lingering numbness, tingling, or mouth-biting while the anesthesia is wearing off.